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Whether you require wedding planning and coordination, Overall décor styling OR a combination of both, we customise your overall wedding planning service, so that your wedding day reflects exactly who you are as a couple with a chic and professional finish. With a unique understanding that no two bridal couples are the same, we tailor our service to be unique and ensure that your wedding is not only on trend with industries latest designs, but that it also represents various styles with trending twists and facets. We look forward to meeting you as the first step to your wedding day success.


At your service

To stay true to our customised edge, we have developed packages that cover various facets of your wedding day, giving you the choice to select the package that fulfill’s your planning OR Styling need…See below for a brief explanation of the difference between coordination and styling, so as to better orientate yourself:

What is Décor styling?

Jade’ Customised Events offers a décor styling service, through creating a unique look from scratch for each and every wedding so as to best represent you as a couple. Pulling together all the facets of décor, your wedding will have a uniform design and theme that runs coherently from your invite to your ceremony, pre drinks and then ultimately your reception. It is the most stress free way to embrace the facets of décor you love and jointly develop your wedding day look and feel. Décor styling includes bringing the various elements together such as:

Lighting/stationery/décor/flowers/linens/lighting/dance floors/tenting infrastructure/furniture and all décor facets required.

Please see our Silver Package for a full description of the décor and styling package. (Décor styling is too included in the Gold and Platinum options)

What is Planning?

Jade’ Customised Events offers a planning service which fulfill’s the logistical functions that are involved in any wedding day. From sourcing and ensuring streamlined communication with all the vendors, to that of schedules and planning’s for a successful smooth running of your wedding day, so no stone is left unturned. Facets of schedules, floor plans, vendor listings, budget planning and wedding rehearsals are but to mention a few of the tasks your planner will fulfill in her role prior to and on the day of your wedding day.

Please see our Bronze, Gold and Platinum packages for planning options.